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A pink flamingo conquered a lake near Burgas

A pink flamingo conquered a lake near Burgas
Nearly 2,300 pink flamingos inhabit Lake Atanasovo in Burgas. The data is from the latest bird count, which was carried out last month. Regular monitoring was carried out within the framework of the "Lagoon of Life" project, Radostina Tsenova from the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation told BTA. She pointed out that the number of pink flamingos has increased significantly in recent years. "The number started to grow from August 2019. Then came the first large group of 159 birds, and since then the numbers have actually increased every month. There is a constant presence of pink flamingos in Lake Burgas regardless of the season," Tsenova explained. The pink flamingo comes to Lake Atanasovo from its nearby colonies in Turkey and Greece. Ringed birds from France and Spain were also detected. "The interesting thing is that the pink flamingo is a species that is looking for a place to expand its range, its distribution. Now, with climate changes, the pink flamingo chooses new territories that are atypical, that were not previously inhabited by this type of bird, as is our case here in Burgas. In addition to flamingos, curly-headed pelicans, sabre-bills, egrets, small and great white herons, winter terns, various types of ducks, etc. reside in the Atanasovo Lake.
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